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Duncan Murage
Duncan Murage
15. July, 2021.
One of the best RPL institution, great team, quick response and a save of money. Their process is very easy and open. You get certified within few days. I recommend to everyone
Emraan H
Emraan H
3. July, 2021.
Thanks Get Certify for You tremendous Support . Highly Recommended
Suhana Nazmin
Suhana Nazmin
25. May, 2021.
Farid Talukder is talented and knowledgable about the courses and career information. I highly recommend him as your career counsellor.
wahid tamim
wahid tamim
25. May, 2021.
I met their courses and career counsellors for for the recognition of my skills and experiences to get Diploma of Project management. I can not thank you enough Mr Farid Talukder to guide me for the RPL process. Definitely recommended.
Kaiwan Irani
Kaiwan Irani
2. June, 2020.
Great Place. Helped my friend get RPL in just 6 weeks. Thanks Guys!
30. May, 2020.
Satisfied deal. Authentic and genuine service.
Farid Talukder
Farid Talukder
30. January, 2020.
Professional and honest.

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning, also referred to as RPL, is an experience, knowledge and skill assessment process that allows you to attain a nationally-recognised qualification or statement/s of attainment, based on skills and knowledge you will have gained through previous experience – recognised as either formal training or as informal (i.e. on the job) learning.

RPL is important in many ways:

It means that your previous work experience, knowledge and skills are formally recognised. It prevents you having to undergo training or instruction in areas that you are already familiar with and competent in. It can reduce the amount of time it takes you to secure a full qualification.

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Steps of getting RPL Certification

1. Check Eligibility:

Think of your skills like different tools in a toolbox. Our consultants will check to make sure you have the right tools for the job, like a superhero making sure they have the right gadgets.

2. Express Interest:

Imagine you're telling a friendly group of mentors that you're really excited to join their special learning team. It's like telling your friends you're ready to explore something new.

3. Consult with Experts:

Have a friendly talk with our smart consultants who have specialized knowledge and training about the learning adventure. They'll share the best ways to go and answer all your questions, like friends giving you tips for a cool project.

4. Submit Documents:

Share your special achievements and cool things you've done, like showing off medals or certificates. It's like bringing out your collection of achievements (like: your work experience,) for everyone to see.

5. Review by Consultants:

Let the experts look closely at all your achievements to make sure they fit perfectly into the special requirements. It's like having them check your accomplishments to see if they match the adventure.

6. Competency Interview:

Talk with your mentors about the exciting things you've done and how you're really good at them. It's like sharing stories about your favorite hobbies or activities.

7. Gap Analysis:

Your mentors look to see if there are any missing skills in your toolbox. They want to make sure you have everything you need for the big task, like making sure you're ready for an important project.

8. Gap Training:

If your mentors find any missing tools, they might suggest special training sessions to fill those gaps. It's like getting extra lessons to add new tools to your toolbox, making you even more ready for the adventure.

9. Recognition & Certification:

If you do a great job, your mentors will give you a special award. It's like receiving a certificate for completing an important project!

10. Further Training Guidance:

Sometimes, your mentors might suggest more exciting projects to improve your skills. It's like getting extra tips and challenges for your next adventure.

11. Certificate Hardcopy Received:

Once you successfully complete the adventure, your mentors will give you a hard copy of the special certificate you earned. It's like getting a physical trophy to celebrate your accomplishments

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Can volunteer work be used as evidence?

Volunteering, work experience and internships can all be used if the experience you have gained relates to any of the units contained in the Qualification. Even hobby related activities may be used as evidence if you can provide samples which are relevant.

Can I use a family member as a reference if I work for a family business?

If you work for a family business you can ask a family member to provide a reference, however this must include a Statutory Declaration that is sighted and signed by a Justice of the Peace. Where possible, you should attempt to obtain additional references and testimonials from industry colleagues so that you are able to avoid any “conflict of interest” situations.

What is an RTO?

RTO means Registered Training Organisation. An RTO is required to conform to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015 which is administered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). This ensures that the standard of training and assessment provided by RTOs meets the expected vocational benchmarks.

How long does the RPL Assessment process take?

Once you have successfully provided your evidence in a timely manner and the RPL Assessment has been completed, your application will be lodged with the RTO for processing. The time period for having the qualification issued by the RTO – provided that no further evidence is needed to meet requirements – is generally 2 – 4 weeks. Please note that the overall completion time is affected by the length of time it takes you to compile your evidence.

Can I use previous study as evidence?

If you have completed prior education and have received qualifications that are recognised in Australia, you could be eligible for Direct Credit Transfer. Many Training Packages include the option of using Units of Competency from other qualifications to complete RPL, provided that the qualifications and/or units of competency can be mapped to the current qualification. It may be necessary to undertake Gap Training where the qualifications and/or units of competency do not fully map. If you don’t have any prior qualifications, you will be assessed on the industry skills, knowledge and experience you have, that are related to the qualification you are seeking.

What if I don’t have proof of my previous qualifications?

Contact the learning institution where you completed the studies. They should be able to provide you with a copy of your qualification. If that is not an option, you will have to discuss other ways in which you can demonstrate your competence with your consultant.

Is there an option whereby I can simply demonstrate my skills, instead of having to locate older qualifications?

Absolutely Old qualifications are supporting documents, but you can still demonstrate your aptitude without having to present qualifications.

Who is eligible to apply for a qualification via recognition of prior learning?

Anyone with prior learning can apply.

How much does the RPL cost?

Costs depend on the qualification and individual circumstances.

Is it cheaper and easier to just enrol in the courses?

In most cases, recognition of prior learning will save you money. You will not have to pay for resources and you already have the basic skills, unless there are gaps that require workplace training or class attendance.

What method can I use to provide evidence?
We prefer that evidence for RPL be sent via email in electronic format, for instance word/pdf documents, powerpoints, etc. We have secure portals so that personal documentation, such as ID and private documents, can be sent via encrypted online file-sharing and uploading systems. This ensures privacy, confidentiality and integrity of information submitted. Hard copy documentation may be sent, however we prefer soft copies as we have an appreciation for the environment and do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint in our business practices.

Difference Between RPL & Non RPL Professionals

Aspect RPL Professionals Non-RPL Professionals
1. Immediate Salary Boost
Professionals with RPL certifications often experience an immediate salary boost upon qualification. Your recognized skills and qualifications translate into higher starting salaries.
Without formal recognition, non-RPL professionals may face challenges in negotiating higher salaries. Their expertise might not be as clearly defined, impacting their earning potential.
2. Career Advancement Opportunities
Enjoy a faster track to career advancement. RPL certifications open doors to promotions and higher-level roles, providing opportunities for continued salary growth.
Career progression may be slower for non-RPL professionals. Without recognized qualifications, they may find it harder to compete for advanced positions.
3. Return on Investment (ROI)
Consider your investment in RPL as a strategic move with immediate returns. The accelerated qualification process ensures a quicker ROI through increased earning potential.
Traditional education pathways often require significant time and financial investments. The delayed entry into the workforce may postpone the ROI compared to RPL professionals.
4. Long-Term Financial Gains
Beyond immediate salary increases, RPL professionals often experience long-term financial gains. Their recognized qualifications position them as leaders in their field, with potential for lucrative opportunities.
Non-RPL professionals might face a more gradual trajectory in terms of long-term financial gains. The delayed entry into higher-paying roles could impact their overall lifetime earnings.
5. Industry Recognition and Negotiation Power
With nationally recognized qualifications, RPL professionals have increased negotiation power. They can confidently advocate for competitive salaries based on their acknowledged expertise.
Non-RPL professionals may find negotiations more challenging without the backing of recognized qualifications. Industry recognition plays a crucial role in salary discussions.

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