Starting a course in education and training prepares you for the real-world  training and assessment industry that will equip you to become a confident educators, trainers and facilitators of learning and assessment. You will develop strong communication and learning management skills, and expertise in a range teaching and learning outcomes.  

Completing the course and acquiring the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will provide you with nationally recognized trainer qualification the minimum requirement to teach and assess vocational education and training (VET) in Australia. 

Upon successful completion of this course you will be awarded TAE40116: Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. This course will enable you to join the VET sector as:

  • Vocational trainer and assessor
  • Workplace trainer and assessor: workplace trainers by other titles like
  • Training and Development Professional, Learning Development Coordinator, Workplace Trainer or simply Training Consultant
  • TAFE teacher
  • CRICOS and Private Colleges trainer and assessor
  • Learning and development manager
  • Training compliance analyst and advisor

Evidence of RPL Portfolio

Every portfolio is unique, as is every individual, so this will depend on your background and the evidence you have available. This include:

      • Samples of your work
      • Certificates
      • Photographs or video content of yourself completing relevant tasks
      • References from relevant coworkers or employers
      • Transcripts
      • Qualifications from overseas
      • Contracts of employment

Benefits of RPL

Being qualified by Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment can benefit an individual by:

  • Being certified anywhere in Australia with a nationally recognized qualification
  • Acquiring accreditation from a reputable Registered Training Organization
  • Gaining qualifications through RPL is the quickest way for you to upskill and gain qualifications useful for the work environment.
  • Shortening the time necessary to earn a qualification
  • Eliminating unnecessary repetition and duplication of material already familiar to the student.
  • Acknowledging value of learning outside a formal setting
  • Eligible for courses you may not have the previous formal qualifications needed

The process of becoming RPL skill qualified. 

Let your expertise be qualified through RPL assessment by undergoing these five simple steps.

  • Self-Free Skills Assessment
    Make sure you tell us what subject you want to RPL for and we will only be too happy to discuss this further with you. If your situation seems appropriate to proceed you will be given the initial self-evaluation form which will accompany your RPL application with the appropriate documentation. You will need to check each box next to each competency once you have secured the appropriate documentation.
  • Evidences

Read the RPL Application Kit thoroughly, complete your details, and refer to the units of competency that are outlined for your qualification. The Kit will list all the units required for the qualifications—you will need to identify which of those that you believe you’re eligible for RPL. We require supporting evidence to accompany your application. This will be outlined in detail in the RPL Application Kit.

  • Application Review and Confirmation

Through Partnered RTOs, we’ll take care of the hard work and will organize and compile your evidence so that it’s aligned with the units of the qualification you’re after. This helps you to successfully achieve your qualification from one of our RTO partners. The Trainer/Assessor will also instruct you to provide any additional evidence required for the RPL process. Once this is completed, they will be able to advise you of the outcome. In most cases, they will also outline any additional units of competency that you will need to receive training in to complete the full qualification.

  • Recognition Awarded

It’s time for the good news! The Skills Recognition & RPL Process is complete provided you meet the requirements of each unit. You’re then issued with a Nationally Recognized Qualification from one of our RTO partners. Congratulations!

How can Get Certify Australia help you become qualified?

Get Certify Australia is one of the providers of RPL Australia who offers and helps individuals who have full or partial qualifications, without the need to take refresher’s course in which they already have skills in. Ensuring that you’re taking the right steps to achieve the Nationally Recognized Qualifications. Undertaking in a RPL Assessment under the care of Get Certify will assure that individuals who are relatively inexperienced in their field will be able to acquire RPL certificate in no time.

We are here to deliver our best service to provide the stepping-stones needed to work towards a recognized qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning.

So whether you’re seeking career development, improved job prospects or the freedom to start life in the one of the world’s most beautiful countries, our highly skilled, industry experienced staff will assist you throughout all stages of the skills recognition process.


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