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How Can Recognition Of Prior Learning (RPL) Help in Community Services Industry?

What is Community Services Industry?

Community Services Industry

The community services industry in Australia is a diverse and important sector that plays a critical role in improving the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. The industry includes a wide range of organisations and services, including:

  1. Social Services: This includes organisations that provide services such as counselling, housing assistance, and support for individuals and families in need.
  2. Health Services: This includes organisations that provide services such as health clinics, hospitals, and home care.
  3. Education and Training: This includes organisations that provide services such as adult education, literacy programs, and vocational training.
  4. Childcare and Early Learning: This includes organisations that provide services such as childcare centres, preschools, and early learning programs.
  5. Elder care: This includes organisations that provide services such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and in-home care for the elderly.
  6. Community Development: This includes organisations that work to improve the quality of life in communities through activities such as urban planning, community engagement, and economic development.
  7. Nonprofit and Charitable Organisations: This includes organisations that rely on donations and grants to provide services to the community.
  8. Government organisations: This includes government agencies that provide services such as welfare, housing, and community development.

The Community services industry is an essential part of society, as it provides essential services to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. These services include assistance with basic needs, counselling, education, and training, and can make a significant positive impact on the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

The community services industry in Australia is a significant employer, with a large number of people working in the sector in various roles. The sector is characterised by a diverse range of service providers and clients. The community services industry in Australia is also regulated by different state and federal laws, regulations and policies.

Overall, the community services industry in Australia plays a vital role in providing support and assistance to individuals, families and communities, and contributing to the well-being of Australian society. The industry is characterised by a high degree of collaboration between government and non-government organisations, which work together to achieve common goals.

How can RPL help in Community Services Industry?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can be a valuable tool for individuals working in the community services industry, as it allows them to have their previous education and work experiences recognized and credited towards a formal qualification or accreditation. Here are a few ways that RPL can help in community services:

  1. Career advancement: RPL can provide validation of an individual’s skills and knowledge, which can be useful for career advancement within the community services industry. By having their prior learning recognized and credited towards a formal qualification or accreditation, they may be able to qualify for higher-paying or more senior positions within their field.
  2. Better job opportunities: RPL can open up new job opportunities for individuals working in community services, as many employers look for candidates with formal qualifications and accreditations.
  3. Increased earning potential: RPL can lead to increased earning potential, as many positions in the community services industry that require formal qualifications or accreditations tend to pay higher salaries than those that do not.
  4. Professional Development: RPL can also be used for professional development, allowing individuals to continue to acquire new knowledge and skills throughout their lives, which can be useful for career advancement.
  5. Improving service delivery: RPL can help community service organisations to improve service delivery by ensuring that their staff have the appropriate qualifications and skills to meet the needs of the community they serve.
  6. Recognizing informal learning: RPL can help to recognize the skills and knowledge that individuals have acquired through their work experience and non-formal learning, which may not have been recognized otherwise.


Overall, RPL can be a valuable tool for individuals working in community services, as it allows them to have their previous education and work experiences recognized and credited towards a certification or degree program, which can help to increase participation in education and training by making it more accessible to people who may have previously been excluded and also increase their earning potential and job opportunities.

So, contact us for the best RPL provider in Australia if you want a career in the Community Services Industry now!

Do you know your job experiences can be converted to a qualification?

In Australia there are few ways you can get qualified or apply for credit exemption in university or vocational college. First method we all know is traditional classroom based learning. Another is based on your prior complete , partially complete education , knowledge, skills and job experiences. This process is 100% legal and approved by the Australian Government. called  Recognition of Prior Learning ( RPL).

The qualification outcomes are the same as you were completing this course in the classroom.  Many experienced professionals would convert their skills and experience by talking about the RPL program. Assessment done mostly through emails. No need to attend face to face classes or repeating the things you already know.

Mode of Study

Classroom Based: Best for students with no experience and skills.
Duration: 1 year.
Delivery: Online and Self paced.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): Best for students with knowledge, skills and experience.
Duration: 3-6 months (depending on assessment and evidence gathering)
Delivery: Online and Self paced

What do you need to start?

Have you partially completed your studies elsewhere?
Is your prior education related to aged care and disability care study from TAFE or private colleges but failed to complete due work and family commitment. You can claim credit or full qualification with partial education and skills. .
Do you have local or overseas experiences?
You can claim for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) certificate with your overseas education, job skills, knowledge and experiences.

What documents are required to apply for the Recognition of Learning (RPL) program?

We need the following documents to check your eligibility and complete for the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program.
– Resume
– Reference
– Payslips
– Create USI (if you do not have one) https://www.usi.gov.au/providers/create-usi-student
– Payment for the invoice
– RPL assessment.

Enroll Right Now and Get 3 Free Certificates =>

Why is RPL preferred by many professionals like you over classroom-based studies?

RPL can be completed online from the comfort of your home. It is a cost saving way of getting qualified and allowing you to save a substantial amount off course fees.

Avoid repeat learning and classroom study by recognising what you already know, online and from the comfort of your home.

Usually, the classroom based study will require you to complete all the assignments and assessments whereas RPL is recognising your skills that does not require you to complete any assignments.

Save Time

Forget years of study! RPL can be completed within weeks, exempting you from studying one or all the units of your qualification.

Save Money

RPL is a cost-effective way of achieving your qualification, allowing you to save a substantial amount off course fees.

Save Effort

Avoid repeat learning and classroom study by recognizing what you already know, online and from the comfort of your home.

What People Say

Duncan Murage
Duncan Murage
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Emraan H
3. July, 2021.
Thanks Get Certify for You tremendous Support . Highly Recommended
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Suhana Nazmin
25. May, 2021.
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wahid tamim
25. May, 2021.
I met their courses and career counsellors for for the recognition of my skills and experiences to get Diploma of Project management. I can not thank you enough Mr Farid Talukder to guide me for the RPL process. Definitely recommended.
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Kaiwan Irani
2. June, 2020.
Great Place. Helped my friend get RPL in just 6 weeks. Thanks Guys!
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Farid Talukder
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Professional and honest.

How RPL Works

So It's basically four steps process>

You will be given opportunities to prepare your Evidence  portfolio;  that includes (Resume, Work references, work photos and videos )  When it’s completed, you’ll have a brief discussion with an RPL specialist who will walk you through the process.Start with a simple Self-Assessment checklist. Next, we’ll work with you to gather your supporting evidence. Going through all of your work experience and determining suitable evidence can be hard. We strive to make it easier.

An assessor from the RTO  will have a competency conversation with you to understand the suitability of the program.After you identify the qualifications you’re eligible for, it’s time to get started! You’ll receive a number of documents that will start the process.

You need to be verified by a third party, usually by your boss/manager. They need to provide signed documents called “Third Party Verification”

It’s time for the good news.RPL Process is complete provided you meet the requirements of each Unit of Competencies. You’re then issued with a Nationally Recognised Qualification from one of our RTO partners. Congratulations!

frequently asked questions

We recognise overseas experience and the chance is very high that you may be eligible for the qualification. Click the button Apply Now to check if you are eligible.

After the initial paperwork, you’ll be provided with an “RPL Kit”. Complete the assessments of that RPL Kit and send it to us. If you are marked as competent, you’ll be awarded with a qualification.

Most of our students get their qualifications within 4-8 weeks.

Yes, we provide Nationally Recognised Qualification by our partner RTOs.

Yes, we offer a payment plan.

Speak with one of our RPL Specialist to determine your eligibility

General Application form

Are You Eligible For Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program?:

✔ An Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen?
✔ Have 1 year of minimum work experience
✔ Has study right in Australian educational institution

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Apply now to determine your eligibility for this qualification

General Application form

Apply For the Enrollment now & Get 3 Free Certificate

RPL Application form college
Please complete all sections of this form, sign the declaration and submit the form with relevant documents

(Disclaimer: All courses and qualifications are provided in partnership with Registered Training Organisation (RTOs). Not all the courses may not be subject to RPL assessment.)


Select the qualification(s) you would like to get assessed on.

Participant Enrolment Agreement

Participant Details



Emergency Contact

Employment Status

Of the following categories, which BEST describes your current employment status?

Employer Details

If applicable

Cultural Background



Study Reason

Candidate Declaration:

I declare that provided information is true and correct. I understand that providing false and misleading information, or not complied with the perquisites of Get Certified Australia (GCA) may results in cancellation of the Recognition of Prior learning (RPL) process. I also give consent Get Certified Australia to collect, use

and disclosure of personal information. I confirm that I have been explained the in detail about the process. I confirm that I am aware of rights and obligations during and after the RPL procedures. I am aware that if enrolment form and requested documentation not provided within the reasonable time I will not be issued with the qualifications by nominated RTO. I understand that GCA is not a RTO and not able to issue the Nationally Recognised Qualification. GCA provides educational services to locate and recognizes of RPL with its partner and non-partner RTOs.

Privacy Declaration:

Candidates information collected in this form purely to assist the candidate to facilitate the Recognition of Prior Learning Process(RPL) and is not forwarded to any other party without the consent of the relevant party. Information collected in the form will be shared with partner and non-partner RTOs for administrative and legal purpose only.


RPL services fees must be paid in full to lodge the application with a RTO. GCA may accept part payment as a deposit that does not guarantee that the process has been initiated.

If the applicant fail to pay the full Services Fee within three months, GCA may automatically forfeit the deposited amount.

Refund Policy

Deposit or full payment will be refunded in full if you decide withdraw for whatever reason within 7 working days of cooling off period. Deposit or full payment will be refunded in full if RTO unable to issue the qualifications and/or you are not eligible for the qualification.

Full, part or any fees charged will not refunded if you change your mind after 7 days cooling off period and are unable to provide requested documentations within three months of time.

All refunds will be made within 20 calendar days of the date that GCA receives a written refund request to any of the emails listed in the website.