There are different types of licences available in NSW depending on whether you want to contract or supervise work.


A contractor licence allows you to contract and advertise to do work. You can only do the types of work described on your licence card. Contractor licences can be issued to individuals and to companies and partnerships. You can choose to have a contractor licence issued for one or three years.


Qualified supervisor certificateA qualified supervisor certificate allows you to supervise and do the work described on your certificate. Qualified supervisor certificates are only issued to individuals. Certificates are issued for three years. A qualified supervisor certificate does not allow you to contract for work.


An endorsed contractor licence is issued to individuals who apply for a contractor licence and who also have the qualifications and experience needed to be a qualified supervisor. Endorsed contractor licence cards have ‘contractor licence (Q)’ printed on them to show they are also equivalent to a Qualified Supervisor Certificate.

GCA is regularly helping talented professionals become fully licensed tradespeople, from builders to decorators, plumbers, electricians and carpenters to name a few. It’s important to understand that licensing does differ depending on the state that you wish to work in, as well as your chosen industry. Here at GCA we can provide the best possible advice for your needs, ensuring you take the most direct route to increase your job prospects, expand on your existing skills and develop a trustworthy reputation. There are many different types of licenses throughout Australia, but so long as you can provide evidence of your skills and experience, we can quickly get to work to deliver the relevant licensing for your career ambitions.


Fill the Forms

Forms you will need: Application form – individual application checklist – individual referee’s statements and applicant’s on site building experience form additional details form/s (if applicable)

Collect the Evidences

Details of any past or current licences or certificates you hold an original copy of your qualification/s, such as your certificate.


See Qualifications for more information on what you need to have details of your employment and experience details of any past compliance issues, insolvency matters, or criminal offences (if applicable) one passport size photo proof of identify payment

How to get a Residential Builder’s License in NSW

Traditional Way

You must have at least 2 years of full-time work experience in the construction industry.

Complete Certificate IV in Building and Construction

You must have at least 2 years of full-time work experience in the construction industry. Complete Certificate IV in Building and Construction Bricklaying or Carpentry contractor license or Diploma Of Building and Construction (Building) or Bachelor of Housing from an Australian university or a degree in civil engineering, structural engineering, architecture, housing, construction, construction management, con

Smarter way

We offer a DONE-FOR-YOU service if you want a residential builder license and have work experience in the construction industry.
We’ll guide you through the whole process even if you don’t have a degree in carpentry, bricklaying or building and construction.
We have a combined experience of more than 15 years in licensing industry.

We’ll work with you until you get your builder’s license.

Convert Your Trade Skills To Builder License