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A working partner has the chance to become their own boss through an RTO pathway, providing access to a wide range of qualifications applicable across various industries. The financial benefits of this partnership are significant, offering the freedom to determine your own earnings on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis without any caps.

Each partner receives essential training to get acquainted with the processes and steps necessary to onboard their initial clients successfully!

Working Partner Materials

We will give you the best opportunity to build a credible base in the industry right from the beginning. You determine your success, GO GET THEM!

Custom Email & Signature

Custom Business Cards

Client Leads

T-shirts & Apparel (request)

Working Partner Title Online

24/7 Support

Standard Prerequisites

Here is a list of typical requirements you can anticipate from prospective clients. It is each student’s responsibility, when compiling their portfolio, to collect all necessary evidence demonstrating that they have the appropriate experience to earn the qualification they desire.

Common Evidence Requirements :

  • 100 points of ID
  • USI Number
  • Email & Mobile
  • Resume
  • Reference Letter
  • Employment Letter

Trade | Mechanical | Cookery | Fitness files also include :

  • Photo Evidence
  • Video Evidence
  • Plans & Payslips

Duration: 7 – 21 days to receive both the soft & hard copy of the certificate.

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